Workshop Your Material!

Want to Workshop Your Material in front of other Writers?

While our meetings are open to the public and encourage participation, only TSA Members can present material for the group to workshop. Click here to JOIN the Tennessee Screenwriting Association.

Currently, Members can present their original material at our weekly Wednesday meetings, except on the last Wednesday of the month when we produce the Page 2 Screen program.

Workshop Guidelines

  • While a Premise Sheet, Synopsis, or Treatment are not required, Members must at least present a Logline or a Story Pitch before they can present Script Pages. These must happen in over two separate sessions.
  • We strongly recommend that Writers present their material at all stages of development before reading Script Pages. This helps the other Members fully understand your story goals, your characters, and themes before they read the Pages, which results in better feedback for you. (In the “real world” of TV and film production, a “step deal” contract would require the Writer to submit a Synopsis or Treatment in addition to the screenplay itself).
  • Writers may not sign up for more than three reads in one calendar month.
  • TSA has the right to re-assign Workshop dates at its own discretion, with or without cause.
  • We encourage Writers who wish to read Script Pages do so on the 2nd Wednesday of the Month at our ‘TSA Live’ meetings to take advantage of the in-person dynamic and the opportunity for SAG members to participate in the read.
  • TSA has the right to review the Writer’s material in advance of the Workshop but agrees to give at least 24 hours notice to the Writer for said request.
  • The material presented must be the Writer’s original intellectual property. If you are presenting an adaptation of someone else’s intellectual property, you will be required to show permission from the original author(s).
  • We only accept submissions that are in the narrative form. That means no documentaries, reality TV shows, vignettes, experimental films, commercials, industrials, or music videos. We do not accept submissions from existing TV series or films; fan films; sequels; prequels; novels; short stories; poetry; stage plays; or essays.
  •  We practice and uphold professional industry standards. Workshop material is expected to adhere to proper screenplay format and be free from excessive typos, bad spelling, and bad grammar. TSA has the right to reschedule or reject the Writer’s work if it displays excessive disregard for industry standards. There are multiple resources on screenplay format and structure to be found on the internet – please take advantage of those. 
  •  By requesting to Workshop your material, you absolve the Tennessee Screenwriting Association and its officers from any liability should theft of your intellectual property occur. If you are concerned about your material being “stolen,” we recommend copyrighting the material before you present or registering it with the WGA. It is worth mentioning that such concerns are overblown and extremely rare in the real world and there is a difference between an idea and the expression of an idea. In American copyright law, only the specific expression of an idea is legally protected.
  • Writers may request that their Workshop session be recorded for their own analysis and research purposes. Should that be the case, only the Writer will be sent a copy of the recording.
  • TSA may request that a Writer’s workshop session be recorded for educational or training purposes. Should that be the case, TSA will request express permission from the Writer and the other meeting participants before the session begins.



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