Warren MacFarland

Provisional Board Member


Born in Boston to a family that moved around the country quite a bit, Warren MacFarland was introduced to the stage and screen at a young age. He attended a stage performance of “Godspell” by a NY City troupe when he was only 10 years old.

When the family left Massachusetts for Littleton, CO, Warren spent a lot of time in the public library, where he learned to like stories and characters.

Heading back to the East Coast, they lived in Wilton, New Hampshire, where the fun place to be was a little community movie theatre, located on the second floor of the Town Hall. Having only one screen, the theater needed to change the movie out frequently You could see three different movies in a week: Blade Runner, Monday, Eating Raoul, Wednesday, and Sophie’s Choice on the Weekend. The other local source of entertainment was the Milford Drive-in, where Warren saw The Terminator, Road Warrior, and Die Hard. Warren thought that was great, sitting in the back of a pick-up drinking a beer, and screaming “Yippy Ki Yay!”

Recovering from brain surgery, Warren had trouble reading but he could watch movies. He also discovered that movies are a way to make friends. “I may be new to Texas, Tennessee, or Delaware and I don’t know my way around, but have you seen ___________? Movies are a good Icebreaker!”

They moved to Alabama, then on to Rio Grande. Warren took a screenwriting course in Texas and got hooked; he’s been writing ever since. When the family moved to Nashville, he found the TSA. They moved twice more, but Warren found his way back to Nashville. And the TSA.

Warren has written half a dozen screenplays and will be seeking representation as he shops his best scripts to producers. He is serving his third term on the TSA Board of Directors as a Provisional Board Member.