TSA On Air!

Beginning January 2023, in lieu of our normal weekly Zoom call, TSA will be holding one meeting each month at the NECAT studios in West Nashville. The meetings will be recorded “live on tape” and then broadcast and streamed on the vast NECAT PBS network as well as on YouTube. This “Page 2 Screen” series will be filmed the last Wednesday of each month. Since the TSA is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization, we can only produce Page 2 Screen with our members’ help and so TSA members themselves will serve as the producers, talent, and crew as well as our live studio audience.

We’ve organized our efforts around two important teams of members, the Production Team and the Programming Committee. We need volunteers from the membership for both.

The Production Team. In order to produce the TSA Live broadcast, NECAT is training our members in the proper use of their equipment and techniques, their policies and procedures, and best practices – at no charge to TSA members.

Upon completion of NECAT’s TV Production course, a member may serve on TSA’s Live Production Team in any number of roles. The Production Team will work hand-in-hand with the Programming Committee.

The Programming Committee is responsible for creating the educational component of Page 2 Screen. Specifically, the Programming Committee will decide things like: which topics are covered, which guest speakers or panelists are invited, the selection of actors and screenplays to be read, and the other “nuts and bolts” items that will educate and inform our audience.

Here’s a look at what a typical Page 2 Screen meeting might look like.

5:30 pm – Production Team arrives at NECAT studio.

6:30 pm – Talent (i.e, Hosts, Speakers or Panelists) arrive at NECAT. There is a quick review of the Show Rundown, blocking, etc.

7:00 pm – Audience/Membership arrives and are quickly seated.

7:15 pm – Doors are closed and after some brief announcements, taping begins.

7:30 pm – All Hosts and Guests work from a Show Rundown that has been prepared by the Programming Committee in advance of the taping. Any slides, video clips, script pages, props, etc. needed for the Program have been collected and are immediately available.

8:30 – All Segments which require an Audience are completed.

Production Team leads clean-up and tear-down, with assistance by Audience members, if needed. Ideally, everyone is out of the building by 9:00 pm, though if any re-shoots are necessary, those can be done between 8:30-9:00.

If you are an active TSA member and would like to volunteer for either team, contact Mark Naccarato via Facebook or email: mindcrimefilms@gmail.com.

Parking at the NECAT campus is strictly enforced. The below map should be helpful in guiding you to the recording studio.

NECAT Campus Map

If you are a TSA member and plan to attend the live taping, please be sure to RSVP on the TSA Facebook event page. and be there at 7:00 pm, as we have to lock the doors and not let anyone else enter once the cameras start rolling. Traffic in that area and parking can be a challenge, so plan accordingly. You can arrive early – but please don’t arrive late!