Cat Stewart

Interview with Cat Stewart, Nashville Film Festival – July 11, 2020

The Tennessee Screenwriting Association was honored to host Cat Stewart, Screenplay Awards Manager for the Nashville Film Festival, at its May 13, 2020 Zoom meeting. In her second year heading up the competition, Stewart offered a wide range of advice with do’s and don’ts about writing screenplays for the competition – as well as for Hollywood.

Irish Johnson

Interview with Irish Johnson – Oct 1, 2019

TSA’s Irish Johnston tells The Hole Truth
Oct 1, 2019
“The Hole Truth,” a short film penned by Tennessee Screenwriting Association member Irish Johnston, will be shown at the 50th anniversary edition of the Nashville Film Festival during the first weekend in October 2019. We asked Irish to share her story about herself, the script, and the process of seeing the film come together.

Bob Giordano

Interview Giordano 1 – June 15, 2019 (How Writer/Director….)

How Writer/Director Bob Giordano Made a Movie and a Dream Come True
By Tom Wood
June 15, 2019

Bob Giordano wore a lot of hats during the making of “The Odds,” an award-winning and critically acclaimed indie film, shot on a micro-budget last year in Nashville.
Not only was Giordano the screenwriter, but he also directed, and had a hand in nearly every aspect of the thriller/horror produced by Alan McKenna, and executive produced by Tom Steinmann (Uproar Pictures) and Kelly Frey (Music City Films).

James. V. Hart

Interview James V. Hart – June 11, 2019

Script-Com’s James. V. Hart to share HartChart, toolkit
On June 11, 2019
By Tom Wood
He didn’t know it at the time, but the lessons that James V. Hart learned in the process of writing and re-writing his script for Bram Stoker’s Dracula are something he still sinks his teeth into even today.
Directed by Francis Ford Coppola and shot for $40 million, Dracula was one of the biggest hits of 1992, grossing $82.5 million nationally and $215.8 million worldwide — the ninth-highest grossing film of that year.
Mark Naccarato

Interview with Mark – Dec 8, 2018

TSA’s Mark Naccarato Films Missing Link in Star Trek Chronology
By G. Robert Frazier
Dec 8 2018
In the small corner of the galaxy known as Nashville, Tenn., writer/director Mark Naccarato hopes to make big waves with “The Romulan War: A Star Trek Fan Production.” Mark recently shared his story behind the film, his love of filmmaking and screenwriting with the Tennessee Screenwriting Association, of which he is a member.

Bob Giordano

Interview Giordano 2 – Dec 8, 2018 (… traces screenwriting success…)

Writer/Director Bob Giordano Traces Screenwriting Success to TSA
By G. Robert Frazier
Dec 8 2018
Tennessee Screenwriting Association members are fortunate to be able to draw upon the vast knowledge and experience of Bob Giordano when it comes to learning about the ins and outs of the craft of screenwriting. An instructor at Watkins College of Art, Bob is a TSA past president and current board member. He is fresh off his directorial debut for his thriller movie, “The Odds,” which capped a successful festival run over the summer as the closing film at the Raindance Film Festival in London. We recently talked with Bob about the movie as well as the TSA.

Elvis Wilson

Interview with Elvis Wilson – Sep 29, 2018

Wilson: TSA’s input invaluable in development of “Fogg”
By G. Robert Frazier
Sep 29 2018
Nashville filmmaker/screenwriter Elvis Wilson’s “FOGG” pits a cold and calculating sociopath against a neuroscientist looking to cure such behavior in a tense, psychological thriller. The movie, which has had a successful run on the film festival circuit, is now available to rent on Redbox and from Amazon Prime. Wilson recently shared how the movie moved from script to screen and how the Tennessee Screenwriting Association was an integral part in its development.