TSA Halloween Challenge 2018

Written by TSA Admin

October 31, 2018

Presenting scripts were

  • Jacob Burns, “The Game”
  • Paula Phelps-Weaver, “For the Children”
  • Dale McCarver, “Spooks”
  • Debbie Wells, “Snack Time”
  • Matthew Gibson, “Le Clown Terrible”
  • Gary Frazier, “Skin,” and
  • Jeff Chase, “Scattered Pieces”

From a twist on Hansel and Gretel to terrible clowns to were-rabbits, seven TSA members answered the call by sharing their short horror scripts on Halloween night.

Front row: Paula Phelps-Weaver, Debbie Wells, Gary Frazier
 Back Row: Jacob Burns, Dale McCarver, Matthew Gibson, Jeff Chase

Congrats to all the screenwriters for taking a dare to scare us!

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