TSA Board of Directors

Members of the Tennessee Screenwriting Association elect a Board of Directors each year at our Annual Meeting. Our bylaws require 11 Board Members, including four Officers. And to ensure we have a quorum at our meetings, we also elect three Provisional Board Members.

The TSA welcomes and thanks the following individuals for serving on the TSA Board and for their voluntary involvement and contributions throughout the year toward the success of our organization:


Jeffrey Alan Chase

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Irish Johnston headshot

Vice President

Irish Johnston

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Paula Phelps-Weaver

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David Deverell

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Board Member

Mark Naccarato

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Board Member

Daniel Spear

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Jeff Chase Photo 2023

Board Member

Jeffrey Alan Chase

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Board Member

Pam Tate

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Board Member

Sandra Watson

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Board Member

Wendy Weising

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Board Member

Elvis Wilson

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Board Member

Bob Giordano

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Board Member

Pete Kremer

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Board Member

Warren MacFarland

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If you are interested in serving on the TSA Board of Directors next year, please send an email or PM through our Facebook page to any of the Board officers any time before our December Annual Meeting.