Sandra Watson

Board Member


Sandra Watson, a Nashville, Tennessee native, is a local studio manager for NuMynd Studios and a freelance grip. In her spare time, she writes drama and thriller pieces, and has won a writing award in the 2019 “54 Hour Film Festival” as a co-writer on the short, “Reservations.”

Since she was six years old, Sandra has been writing short stories, poems. novels and screenplays, which is why she dedicates her life to her craft. She graduated with a B.S. degree in Video and Film Production from Middle Tennessee State University, and has been writing screenplays ever since. As the “War of Art” book states, the amateur writes for fun, but the professional lives to write — which is why he dedicates his life to it.

Sandra says, “TSA has really been a place to meet up with fellow writers and get the creative juices flowing. Not only do you get to explore new, interesting concepts and learn from other’s feedback, but you also stay motivated to keep writing as you get reminded of its place in your life every week.”

Although Sandra works hard during the day, gripping on sets, managing a studio, running in the park, and taking care of her cat, Snickers; as soon as night falls, she goes into her inner most natural state: writing that next wild idea.