Noreen Manvell

2024 TSA Treasurer


A voracious reader from an early age and born into a family of entertainers, it was only natural that Noreen Manvell became a writer. First published in 1970, her poem, “Rose of Dawn,” was included in the Penman literary magazine, which won an Award of Excellence from the Commonwealth of Virginia for that issue.

She worked as a reporter and photographer for a local newspaper, the Westmoreland News, 1976 – 1980, covering local events and writing in depth interviews with local celebrities, authors and officials. She also worked for a short time for the Times Journal community newspapers, and the Army Times and Navy Times, publications of the Gannett Company for the U. S. Armed Forces.

On the leading edge of the emerging computer industry in the 1980’s, Noreen free lanced as a technical writer and graphic artist across the Northern Virginia, Suburban Maryland and Washington DC areas.

Relocating to Tennessee in the early 1990’s, she worked in sales and marketing positions, then in 2007 became an active blogger, website designer and copywriter. For a short time, she lived in the San Francisco’s East Bay area and was Director of Marketing for an emerging franchising company.

Back in Nashville and recently retired, she has written two screenplays and four novels, and is working on her next screenplay based on a true story from America’s Gilded Age. Along with her writing and busy family life, she designed and maintains the TSA website.

She is excited to be helping the TSA grow and offer more educational content and support to the screenwriter members while serving as Treasurer for the Board of Directors in 2024.