Mark Naccarato

Board Member


While working in Nashville’s TV and film production industry in the 90’s, Mark Naccarato‘s first TV spec script caught the attention of producers at Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and he was invited to pitch to the hit series. Even though he didn’t make a sale, the first story Mark pitched to them was nearly identical to a story that was already in production.

Encouraged by that experience and then by a near-sale on “Star Trek: Voyager,” Mark decided to make his first “real” film. “The Crusader,” a superhero movie disguised as a true-crime reality show was a cult hit at comic conventions across the South and punched above its weight with a budget of less than $3,000 using a cast and crew of over a hundred volunteers. Mark’s current short film, “The Romulan War,” puts a spin on the sci-fi effects movie by using a documentary format and “found footage” from an interstellar war in the 22nd century.

Mark’s pilot script “The Exodusters” – an historical drama set during the Kansas Exodus of the 1870’s – is ranked in the Top 10% of scripts listed on Coverfly, and he’s a co-producer on “Potter’s Ground” and “Gates of Flesh” – both of which were filmed in Tennessee.

Mark also created the “Page 2 Screen” television series for the TSA, and serves as writer and producer on many of its episodes.