Irish Johnston

2024 TSA Vice President


Irish Johnston (Writer, Producer, Actor) began her artistic career in the film industry as an actress in Nashville and Los Angeles. She currently spends her time writing screenplays and songs, and producing short films. You might say she is a creative junkie. She loves every aspect of the film industry, from writing, to acting, to producing.

She is a member of SAG, NSAI, WIFT, and the Vice President of TSA (Tennessee Screenwriting Association). Irish has several festival-recognized feature screenplays, and has written and produced several award-winning short films, including “Redhanded,” “Scents,” and “The Hole Truth.”

In 2019, she started a production company in Nashville called River Films, and recently produced a documentary on Fred Burch, her father, exploring his accomplishments as a hit song writer in the 1960’s on music row. Check her out on IMDB as Irish Ann Burch; and on Soundcloud under Irish-Johnston.