Elvis Wilson

Board Member


Elvis Wilson born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and grew up in Cleveland, Tennessee where he was raised on a steady dose of TV like “The Twilight Zone,” “Gilligans Island,” and his favorite TV show, “Space 1999.” Like most folks his age, “Star Wars” rocked his world in 1977.

In his late teens, it was the Coen Brothers films and Monty Python reruns that shaped his appetite for cinema, and while his day job was in advertising, his “second” job quickly became screenwriting and filmmaking.

After four years in Virginia, Elvis moved back to Tennessee and settled in Nashville. And since 2001, Elvis has written over 14 screenplays, produced 6 short films, two feature films, and directed scores of music videos and industrial films.

A few career highlights include:

— In 2008, Elvis and his wife, Victoria Radford (author of “Meeting Mr. Lincoln,” 1998, Ivan R. Dee publisher) produced an award-winning feature documentary, “Being Lincoln: Men With Hats.” BLMWH had a two-year run on the (now defunct) Documentary Channel, and also aired on Showtime.

— In 2014, Elvis won The Nashville Film Festival’s first Tennessee Screenwriter’s Award for his dramedy, “Driving Top Down,” which went on to be a third rounder in the prestigious Nicholl’s Fellowship and won awards at several other screenwriting competitions that year.

— In 2015, after writing and producing several award-winning shorts, Elvis started principal photography of his self-produced, award-winning feature, “FOGG.” After a great festival run, “FOGG” was picked up by RedBox in 2018.

— Elvis’ TV pilot, “Strawberry Plains,” was in the Top 30 scripts in AMCs Drama Pilot category at the 2018 Austin Film Festival (over 10,500 scripts were entered). “Strawberry Plains” is still making the rounds with producers and directors.

— Elvis made Coverfly’s RED LIST in 2020, and in 2021 climbed to the top 3% overall with four projects ranging from dramedy to comedy horror feature work, as well as a TV pilot.

While still not able to quit his day job, Elvis writes almost every day, and is happy to hang with his brothers and sisters of the TSA.