David Deverell

2024 TSA President


David Deverell is a Nashville screenwriter. He received his degree in Film and Television from Loyola Marymount University. After graduating, he wrote, produced and directed an award-winning 30- minute drama for Encylcopaedia Britannica’s Short Story Showcase Series, “The Hunt,” an adaptation of Richard Connell’s short story, “The Most Dangerous Game.” David went on to have a long career in the advertising industry.

In retirement, David returned to writing and has since written four feature-length screenplays. His first, “The Shoe Box,” won first place at the 10th Annual Tennessee Screenwriting Association Screenplay Competition in 2010, when he became a TSA member. His other screenplays have been finalists in numerous competitions, including The Page Awards, Table Read My Screenplay, Emerging Screenwriters, and Access Screenplays.

In 2015, David relocated to Nashville from Los Angeles and is actively involved in helping the Nashville Film Community develop a robust industry. Having previously served the TSA as Treasurer, David was elected President for 2024.