Carol Ann Eroh

Board Member


Carol Ann Eroh resides in northern Pennsylvania. In 1984, she established a program for abused women and children now known as the Schuylkill Hope Center.

Carol Ann is a graduate from the College of Notre Dame of Maryland, with a BA in Human Services with emphasis in Administration, and a background in the medical field. After twenty years, she retired from the Department of Veteran Affairs in Baltimore Maryland as an Audiologist Technician, but she served in several capacities working with our veterans.

Being a horse lover and owner of a thoroughbred mare, Beautiful Meadow, she wrote a book called, “Beautiful and the Time Travelers.” After the loss of her beloved mare, she is adapting the book into a two-part screenplay with hopes of turning it into a TV series. She has also completed a short romance script.

In June 2023, she became involved with Mending Hope Equine Rescue in Fairmount City, PA. Not a stranger to rescued horses, while in Maryland she worked with rescued thoroughbreds. This Pennsylvania rescue is involved with the BLM, bringing in abused and neglected Mustangs. These horses have a story all their own to tell of their ancestors that came to this country by the Spanish in the 1500’s. Carol Ann’s goal is to entertain and inform by adapting a piece of history along with the spellbinding stories in both her books and screenplays for children.

Carol Ann joined the Tennessee Screenwriting Association in March of 2022, and is now a newly elected board member.