Conversations From Hollywood: Stakes Are High for Protagonist

Guy1: What’s the threat to the protagonist?

Guy2: We don’t need a specific threat. It’s never addressed.

Guy1: Is there a threat to the protagonist?

Guy2: There’s a threat to all of them [the characters].

Guy1: What is it?

Guy2: It’s not important. We don’t need to define that. The audience doesn’t care.

Unlike the above conversation, the stakes for the protagonist do need to be high. If he fails or succeeds the result needs to be huge. And that needs to be well defined for the audience to give the audience one of the most compelling reasons to CARE about your protagonist.


Are 7 Decisions Always Opt-out Moments?

Plot Point 1 and Plot Point 2 are opt-out decisions.

The other 5 Decisions demonstrate a character arc.

There may be more Opt-out Decisions throughout your screenplay but want to try for at least those 7.

TSA Contest, Good for the Environment! And totally vegan! Num!

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We also offer opportunities for our winning writers to develop relationships with people already working in the business where they can learn, grow and further develop their career.

Excelling within our contest can be utilized to help lend credibility to a writer’s skills as well as adding a nice shout out on their query letter.

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Our Weekly Wrap: Pharmacists, Comics and Demons

After presenting a tv screenplay synopsis a few weeks ago, Emily Byrd returned and presented her first 15 pages for a reading by the group.

Working title: Ellie Parks

Logline: A dramedy revolving around a female compounding pharmacists (a legal meth lab) who starts a new job and on day one meets the on-site doctor who is the guy who broke her heart years ago.


Doug Steier presented pages 15 – 30 in a group reading session of his screenplay, building on the first 15 pages he presented a few weeks ago.

Working title: Dog Bites Man

Logline: It’s a dramedy of a 60 year old guy who decides to become a stand up comic in order to find satisfaction in his life and learns things from that.


Bob Giordano presents pages 1 – 12 in a group reading session building on the momentum of his logline / synopsis pitch a few weeks ago.

Working title: Wild Pak

Logline: A horror comedy about a group of reality tv ghostbusters who are surprised when the actually find a real ghost who starts hunting them.

Wrap up: Jesus Returns to Earth and A Ghost Hunting Television Cast Goes Awry

It was a great night of presenting. We had a reading of 15 pages of Gary Cooper’s screenplay where Jesus is sent back to earth by his father to clean up our modern day corruption with some great witty humor.

After which Bob Giordano presented a synopsis telling what happens when a cast of a ghost hunting reality shows, that stages all of it’s encounters, reacts when they encounter a real ghost. And that ghost comes after them.

We look forward to hearing more about the development of both projects. Nice work gentlemen!