Give Them Some Wants

Ask yourself this: what do my characters want? Not just your main character, which is a huge ginormous duh. You know, the other guys running around in your world. Recently I watched a very funny BBC sitcom called ‘Whites’ which features a dysfunctional kitchen crew in a high-end eatery. In this show, every character has … More Give Them Some Wants

Your foriegn film suggestion of the week (possibly year)

If you are into foreign films, you may want to consider the following– Therese Raquin (1953)–This black and white French film-noir centers on a dispirited housewife who brazenly begins an affair with a brawny trick driver. Take My Eyes (2005)–In this Spanish drama, a battered wife flees her violent husband and struggles to start a … More Your foriegn film suggestion of the week (possibly year)