Attend a Meeting

The Tennessee Screenwriting Association (“TSA”) holds weekly educational meetings and special events, both online and in person. We meet every Wednesday except for Thanksgiving week, Christmas week, and the week of the Nashville Film Festival.

Attending a ‘TSA Zoom’ workshop:

TSA meets over Zoom most Wednesdays and is an opportunity for writers to workshop their own material and receive quality feedback. We ask all participants to mute their microphone during the meeting and only activate the mic when called on by the Host. Click on the Zoom “raise hand” option to let the host and presenter know you would like to speak. Since time is limited, we ask that participants keep their comments short, succinct, and provide constructive feedback that the writer can use.

Request the link to TSA’s Zoom workshops.

Attending a ‘TSA Live’ workshop:

TSA is now meeting in-person on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at The Forge or at the SAG AFTRA offices (both are located just outside of downtown Nashville) at 7 pm. As is the case with all TSA workshops, the events are free and open to the public. The location of each month’s in-person meeting is announced in our weekly newsletter and also posted on our Facebook group page.

Get directions to The Forge

Get directions to SAG AFTRA

Presenting Material at Zoom or Live:

Both our Zoom and Live meetings are comprised of three half-hour segments where members can present a:

• Logline
• A Premise Sheet for their story
• A 1 or 2-Page Synopsis
• Table Read of 10–12 Pages of a Script

Non-TSA members are, of course, encouraged to give constructive feedback if they have any, but only members in good standing can present material. Membership dues are currently $25/year – click here to JOIN TSA.

Before requesting a Table Read, a member must first present a Logline, a Premise Sheet, or a Synopsis at a previous meeting. To request a slot for a Table Read, you can either email your script to the meeting host or use Zoom’s “share screen” feature. Typically, Table Reads should be between 10-15 pages of material per session to leave time for feedback and questions.

Requests to present any material should be sent to TSA President David Deverell, who will respond with a date for your slot.

Note that any work shared at TSA events is completely voluntary on the writer’s part. Writers/Creators retain all intellectual property rights to their material.

Attending a ‘Page 2 Screen’ taping:

On the last Wednesday of the month, TSA meets in-person to tape Page 2 Screen, our educational television show that airs on Nashville’s local public-access station and streams on YouTube. These tapings begin at 6:30 pm and are held at the NECAT studio in West Nashville.

The format for Page 2 Screen events is different than the Zoom and Live workshops as we are actually producing a television program, but there are food and drinks and we encourage the public and our members to attend a taping as this is often a chance to meet working screenwriters as well as screenwriting instructors. Full details for Page 2 Screen are here.

Whether it is digitally or in the real world, we hope you will join us to learn more about screenwriting, storytelling, and build your network of fellow creatives.