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Anyone is welcome to attend Tennessee Screenwriting Association (TSA) meetings and participate in discussions free. However, if you want to present material to be critiqued or discussed by the group, you need to pay a low annual membership fee of just $25.

Member benefits include :

  • Read your work at our weekly Wednesday meetings for feedback (logline, outline, synopsis, treatments, pages).
  • Network with other local screenwriters, producers, and filmmakers who are part of the group. Meet new friends. You could find a collaborator among us.
  •  Hear from occasional guest speakers in the industry.
  •  Watch films and discuss their structure, strengths and weaknesses.
  •  Participate in our Halloween and Christmas shorts five-page challenges.
  •  Help plan and participate in our Script-Com Screenwriting Conference.

Join TSA or renew your membership online.
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5 thoughts on “Join Now

  1. Austin wesley

    Good morning, I joined a couple of weeks ago. I was wondering how I get the password to join the meetings? I would really like to attend this week.

    Thank you,

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