12 Days of Screenwriting Gift Ideas: Day 5

Welcome to Day Five of the Tennessee Screenwriting Association’s 12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas. Each day until Christmas we’ll feature another terrific and highly practical gift idea for the screenwriter in your life. On Day 1, we proposed ink cartridges. On Day 2, paper. And on Day 3, Red Pens and Highlighters. On Day 4, we suggested a trash can for your discarded pages.

So, now that you’ve made all the changes to your pages to make your script the best it can be and now that you’ve got a fresh ink cartridge and a new ream of paper, go ahead a print out a copy. Not for the agents or managers or producers, for yourself! Nothing represents an accomplishment more than being able to see your finished work in a tangible form before you. So go ahead, print out your masterpiece, punch some holes in it, and place it in a glorious, new

Three-ring binder

Three-Ring Binder

Yes, that’s right. Today’s gift idea is a three-ring binder. Or several, if you’ve got several scripts. You can add a nice label to the edge and, voila, you have your own personal script library to display. You can even use the pockets in your binder for such things as your copyright registration or list of producers you’ve sent the script to. And, maybe one day, your option agreement. Neat. And, as with all gift ideas in this series, practical.


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