12 Days of Screenwriting Gift Ideas: Day 4

Welcome to Day Four of the Tennessee Screenwriting Association’s 12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas. Each day until Christmas we’ll feature another terrific and highly practical gift idea for the screenwriter in your life. On Day 1, we proposed ink cartridges. On Day 2, paper. And on Day 3, Red Pens and Highlighters.

After marking up your script and making the changes in your computer, you’ll either want to stuff your marked-up version away in a file drawer or discard it. If you choose the latter, may we suggest:


A Trash Can

“What? Blasphemy,” you say. “I can’t throw away any of my writing. If I do, someone is bound to find it while rummaging in my trash and steal my ideas.” Yeah, right. Like that’s going to happen. Get over yourself. No one is going to pilfer your wadded-up pieces of paper and piece together a script from your mess. Besides, you’ve already registered it with the copyright office and you’ve already emailed it to yourself, right?

Still, if you’re that paranoid you could always shred your pages. In that case, ask for a trash can with cross shredder. Problem solved.

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