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No matter what stage of your writing career you are in, there are ample articles to help you in everything from Fade In to Fade Out. We’ve listed a few standout articles here to refer to as needed, whether you need advice on coming up with your idea to writing a logline to building character arcs. We’ll add more as we come across them.


One of the best ways to learn how to write a screenplay is by reading screenplays. Before long, you’ll learn formatting tricks, dialogue techniques, and more. There are ample places on the internet to find scripts. Many screenwriting contests also seek readers to help evaluate their entries.

8 Reasons to Read Screenplays – ScreenwritingU Magazine

How to Read A Screenplay – Go Into the Story

Blacklist Scripts: The Complete Guide – Script Reader Pro

Script Index – LA Screenwriter

Read the Best Screenplays from the 1950s– Shore Scripts

Genre Screenplay Collection – Shore Scripts

20 Best Comedy Scripts to Read and Download – Script Reader Pro

TV Pilots to Read – Shore Scripts

Getting Started

Before diving into your script, take time to prep. We’ve listed numerous articles here to help you test your idea, craft a logline, and much more.

48 Ways to Becoming a Productive Screenwriter – Script Reader Pro

How to Become A Screenwriter: The Ultimate Guide – Script Reader Pro

Screenwriting Rules, Guidelines & Expectations – Screencraft

What screenplay should you write next – ScriptFirm

The Ultimate List of Story Development Questions – Screencraft

101 ‘What If?’ Story Writing Prompts – Screencraft

5 Proven Ways to Unlock Original Movie Ideas – Script Reader Pro

3 Steps to Take Before Your First Draft – Script Reader Pro

The 3 C’s of Screenwriting – ScreenCraft

How to get started with your screenplay – Creative Screenwriting

What Makes a Great Screenplay – The Guardian

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10 Steps: How I Write A Script – Scott Myers / Go Into the Story

Vomit Your Screenplay in 5 Weeks – The Script Lab

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How to Write A Screenplay – ScriptNotes podcast with Craig Mazin

Michael Hauge’s Blueprint for a better script – Creative Screenwriting

Learning from the First Great Screenwriting Book: Part 1 – Screencraft

Learning from the First Great Screenwriting Book: Part 2 – Screencraft

Learning from the First Great Screenwriting Book: Part 3 – Screencraft

The Differences Between Traditional and Archetypal Storytelling – Screencraft

The Screenwriter’s ABC’s: An Alphabet of Screenwriting Advice – Screencraft

Top Script Writing Tips Every Screenwriter Should Own – Script Reader Pro

Agents and Managers

How to Get an Agent or Manager – Script Reader Pro


What your hero wants: Outer Motivation – Michael Hauge

What your hero wants: Inner Motivation – Michael Hauge

What your hero wants: Longings & Needs – Michael Hauge

What your hero wants: Preliminary Goals & Ultimate Objectives – Michael Hauge

What your hero wants: Sameness – Michael Hauge

What your hero wants: Revealing Your Hero’s Desires – Michael Hauge

How to Develop Your Characters – No Film School

4 Ways to Approach Desire in Your Main Character – LA Screenwriter

3 Ways to Make Characters More Dynamic – The Script Lab

4 Steps for Making Peculiar Characters Believable – LA Screenwriter

Children Don’t Think Like Little Adults – Creative Screenwriting

5 Ways to Write Better Female Characters – Screenplay Readers

3 Ways to Create Bad-Ass Characters – The Script Lab

VOTE Method: How to Write Super-Powerful Characters – Story Into Screenplay

Creative Ways to Conjure Character Names – Screencraft

What’s your character’s ultimate deal breaker – Script Magazine

The Ultimate Screenplay Character Development Hack – Script Reader Pro

How to Create the Perfect Character Arc Using Structure and Theme – Script Reader Pro


What is High-Concept and How Can I Write it? – Standout Books

How to Write and Pitch High-Concept Movies – Movie Outline

5 Questions to test your story concept – Go Into the Story


How Nicholl Fellowship readers judge a script – Go Into the Story

Getting Past the Reader – Shore Scripts

What Are Script Readers Looking For – Indie Wire


3 Ways to Increase Conflict in Your Story – ScreenCraft


How to write minimal description to maximum effect – Go Into the Story

Screenplay Exposition: How to Write it Lean and Mean – Screenplay Readers

Improve your writing style by comparing it to the pros – Script Reader Pro

Writers: Know your place – Creative Screenwriting

5 Secrets to Writing Memorable Character Descriptions – ScreenCraft

Editing / Polishing / Rewriting

35 Quick Edits to Improve Your Script – Script Reader Pro


6 Essential Tip for Writing Better Dialogue – Studio Binder

Writing Good Dialogue and Description – BlueCat

How to write dialogue between two characters – Script Reader Pro

10 Things to Eliminate from Your Dialogue Scenes Right Now – ScreenCraft

How to Avoid Writing On-the-Nose Dialogue – Screencraft

The Ultimate Screenplay Dialogue Audit – Script Reader Pro

Show Don’t Tell: How to Avoid Relying on Dialogue – Script Reader Pro


7 Ways to Master Endings to Your Screenplay – ScreenCraft


How to Format a Screenplay – Screenplay.com

How to Format Your Screenplay Title Page – Script Reader Pro

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due – ScreenCraft

The Screenwriters’ Guide to Formatting TV Scripts – ScreenCraft

35 Common Writing Style Mistakes in Spec Screenplays – Script Reader Pro

Texting in the Movies – David Trottier

How to write a phone conversation in a screenplay – Script Reader Pro


How to Choose the Right Movie Genre for Your Concept – ScreenCraft

How to Write Four-Quadrant and Animated Scripts – ScreenCraft

10 Steps to Writing a Micro-Budget Screenplay – ScreenCraft

How to Write a Coming of Age Movie – Industrial Scirpts

50 Best Coming of Age Movies with Writing Tips – No Film School

Writing Horror Screenplays: How to Write Occult Horror – Industrial Scripts

Thriller vs. Horror: Why the Subtle Differences Can Save Your Script – Industrial Scripts

How to Write a Whodunnit or Detective Movie – Industrial Scripts


How to Copyright Your Script – Script Reader Pro


Creating your logline and synopsis – ScriptMag

How to Write A Logline for a Character-Driven Drama – Go Into the Story

The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Logline – Script Reader Pro

101 Best Movie Loglines to Learn From – ScreenCraft

Pitching your script

Writing the perfect query letter for your scripts – Screencraft

4 Keys to Writing a Strong Synopsis – Script Reader Pro

How to master the elevator pitch – Screencraft

How to submit a screenplay like a pro – Script Reader Pro

Selling your script

The Ultimate BS Detector for Screenwriters – Screencraft

How to Write a Screenplay Treatment That Gets More Requests – Script Reader Pro

How to Write a Synopsis – Script Reader Pro

How to Sell A Screenplay: 6 Most Popular Methods – Script Reader Pro

How to Sell Your TV Series the Stranger Things Way – ScreenCraft

How to be Ready for Screenwriting Success – ScreenCraft

Podcasts and TED Talks

Best Screenwriting Podcasts for Savvy Screenwriters – Script Reader Pro

Top 20 Inspiring TED Talks for Storytellers – Script Reader Pro


Screenwriting Essentials: Books, contests, courses – Script Reader Pro

Hollywood Screenwriting Managers List – Script Reader Pro

Screenwriting Software: Comparing the Five Best – Script Reader Pro

10 Free Screenwriting Software Choices – Script Reader Pro


Writing the Scene: Reversals – Script Reader Pro

Script Library

John August Library

TV Pilot Script Database

TV Writing Pilot Scripts

TV Writing Show Bibles


A Short Guide on Short Films – Script Reader Pro


The Eight Sequences – The Script Lab

Screenplay Structure: Five Key Turning Points – Screenplay.com

Act I: Getting Your Protagonist Off to a Good Start – Script Magazine


5 Steps to Nailing Your Script’s Theme – Creative Screenwriting

3 Ways to Express Your Script’s Message – Script Reader Pro


How to Write a TV Pilot If You’re Serious About Selling It – Script Reader Pro

Getting Paid

Ten Ways to Sidestep Writing for Free – MovieMaker

A Quick Guide to Screenwriters’ Salaries in TV & Film – Script Reader Pro

Getting to the Finish

Why You Procrastinate (And What You Need to Do to Stop) – Richard RB Botto

7 Ways to finally finish your script – BlueCat

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