Web Links: How to write a screenplay

There is a treasure trove of information across the web about how to write a screenplay. So we’ve done some of the searching for you and compiled the best tips and tricks to help give your screenplay the edge it needs to succeed. Be sure regularly to check back here for new articles and also visit our Facebook page for new links daily.

On Reading

One of the best ways to learn how to write a screenplay is by reading screenplays. Before long, you’ll learn formatting tricks, dialogue techniques, and more. There are ample places on the internet to find scripts. Many screenwriting contests also seek readers to help evaluate their entries.

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On Writing

No matter what stage of your writing career you are in, there are ample articles to help you in everything from Fade In to Fade Out. We’ve listed a few standout articles here to refer to as needed, whether you need advice on coming up with your idea to writing a logline to building character arcs.

Getting Started

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On Pitching

Writing the perfect query letter for your scripts – Screencraft

General Writing Advice

Why You Procrastinate (And What You Need to Do to Stop) – Richard RB Botto