It’s the start of a new day…

We writers are an enigmatic bunch; hesitant to embrace technology dedicated to the purpose of promoting the written word, we’ve meddled in our archaic traditions way too long.   But this is no more.  Welcome to the new TSA website!   We will strive to keep it updated with not only the latest and greatest TSA information but also news and information about screenwriting happenings both local and abroad.    Do you know when and where we meet?   It’s on here.  By all means, come and visit.  Want to get feedback on that great american screenplay you’ve written?   Become a member and pitch your story to us.   There are professionals (professional=screenwriter that has worked and been paid in Hollywood) amongst us from time to time.  Okay, enough already.   To the new I say welcome and to the been there done thats I say welcome back.

Bill Middleton

TSA President 2013