Tennessee Screenwriting Association

Our Weekly Wrap: Pharmacists, Comics and Demons


After presenting a tv screenplay synopsis a few weeks ago, Emily Byrd returned and presented her first 15 pages for a reading by the group.

Working title: Ellie Parks

Logline: A dramedy revolving around a female compounding pharmacists (a legal meth lab) who starts a new job and on day one meets the on-site doctor who is the guy who broke her heart years ago.


Doug Steier presented pages 15 – 30 in a group reading session of his screenplay, building on the first 15 pages he presented a few weeks ago.

Working title: Dog Bites Man

Logline: It’s a dramedy of a 60 year old guy who decides to become a stand up comic in order to find satisfaction in his life and learns things from that.


Bob Giordano presents pages 1 – 12 in a group reading session building on the momentum of his logline / synopsis pitch a few weeks ago.

Working title: Wild Pak

Logline: A horror comedy about a group of reality tv ghostbusters who are surprised when the actually find a real ghost who starts hunting them.