Next Page 2 Screen: March 29

Be part of our studio audience and meet WILLIAM AKERS at the next taping of TSA’s “Page 2 Screen” program.

William has written for studios, independent producers, and network television. He’s had three feature films produced from his screenplays. He taught filmmaking and screenwriting at Vanderbilt University, and created Belmont University’s Motion Pictures department. His book, “Your Screenplay Sucks! 100 Ways to Make it Great,” is rated as the #1 screenwriting book by ScriptReaderPro.com.

William will cover the nuts and bolts of screenwriting, rewriting, and how to handle notes.

There will be an audience Q&A session.

Guests should arrive at the NECAT studio on the Nashville State campus by 6:30 pm. Light refreshments and drinks are available. Please no branded or inappropriate clothing for television.

Please let us know you are coming via Facebook’s Event page.

Call for Entries!

One of the ways to evaluate and get feedback on your spec script is to hear it read aloud. Does your dialogue work when actual humans are reading it? Is it clear who your main characters are, what their problem is, and where your story is going… in the first 10-15 pages?

Here’s your chance to get your screenplay read by trained actors in front of a group of aspiring writers and filmmakers who could offer you valuable feedback and an informed perspective which could help you improve your next draft.

To that end, we’re putting out a Call for Entries to TSA members who would like to have their script considered for a table read during an episode of Page 2 Screen. Submissions will be reviewed for consideration and writers will be notified if their script is chosen and when the episode will be filmed.


Writer(s) must be dues-paying members of the Tennessee Screenwriting Association before they submit their script for consideration (join or update your membership at http://www.TennScreen.com). In addition, script submissions must be:

  • A completed, feature-length screenplay between 90-120 pages. No pilots or shorts.
  • A script which is properly formatted and free of typos and errors.
  • A script which is the writer’s original idea, not an adaptation of another work or someone else’s intellectual property.
  • A script which has not been optioned, sold, or had any legal or creative rights ceded to another party. We recommend that material be copyrighted or registered with WGA before submitting.


Since one goal of Page 2 Screen is to promote local writers and local filmmaking, preference will be given to script entries that could be filmed on a low budget (under $5 million), rather than sprawling epics or blockbusters that have little chance of being made. Since the format of our show only allots enough time to read the first 10-15 pages, preference will also be given to scripts that have a strong first act.

Submitting Your Screenplay

If you would like your script to be considered by Page 2 Screen, send your completed screenplay as a pdf document to page2screenshow@gmail.com and include the following information in your email text:

  • Script Title & Name of Author(s)
  • Page Count
  • Genre (comedy, thriller, horror, etc)
  • Logline (1-2 sentences)

If Your Script Is Selected

Simply submitting a script does not guarantee a slot on the show. Any TSA member can sign up to read their material at TSA’s Zoom meetings every Wednesday and we urge all members to take full advantage of that opportunity. But should your script be selected to be featured on Page 2 Screen

  • Writer(s) will be asked to sign waivers that allow Page 2 Screen & NECAT to exhibit your intellectual property on the show.
  • Writer(s) will be required to be present during filming (shoots are held the last Wednesday of the month) and be available for comments and questions after the performance.

We expect to get multiple entries and it may be several months until we can work a Selection into our shooting schedule, so please be patient.

We look forward to reading your script!

TSA Audio Library 2023

Welcome to the Tennessee Screenwriting Association’s Audio Library. Below you’ll find audio recordings of our weekly Zoom meetings from 2023. Follow along each week as we help our members work through their scripts’ log lines, outlines, and critique their pages. Just click on the “play” arrows to begin the meetings. Listen, learn, enjoy!

Note: Some recordings may take up to 60 seconds or more before any conversations begin.

TSA Zoom Meeting – Mar 22, 2023
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TSA Zoom Meeting – Jan 18, 2023
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TSA Zoom Meeting – Jan 4, 2023

February 22 Meeting – Live!

Be part of our studio audience and meet BOB SAENZ at the next taping of TSA’s “PAGE 2 SCREEN.”

Bob began his show business career as an actor and is now a working professional screenwriter of Hallmark productions, independent films, and the twisted dark comedy “Extracurricular Activities.” Bob will share his thoughts about writing on spec, the nuts and bolts of screenwriting, and how to network and have a successful career in Hollywood, even if you live in Tennessee. There will be an audience Q&A session.

Guests should arrive at 6:30 pm and will need to sign a waiver as they may appear on the program. Light refreshments and drinks are available. Please no branded or inappropriate clothing for television.

Please RSVP on our Facebook Event if you plan to attend.