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Learn screenwriting with Bob Giordano

Do you have a great idea for a film?  Ever wondered how to write a screenplay? Whether you’re a beginner or have experience writing and would just like to sharpen your skills, Nashville writer/director Bob Giordano can help.

Bob Giordano
Bob Giordano

Giordano will be offering a nine-week course for beginning and intermediate level screenwriters Tuesday evenings beginning Sept. 17.

In this course you will learn and develop your craft as a visual storyteller. You’ll learn to draw on your memories, experiences, observations and of course imagination to create compelling characters and stories for the screen. The objective of this course is to learn a professional approach to writing a screenplay (there’s no excuse for a poorly formatted script) from the conception of the idea through the outlining process and onto a finished script.

The focus will be on learning how to develop an idea, create character arcs, and craft your idea into a three-act structure. To develop good writing habits while discovering your creative voice.

This is a small workshop class where you will learn to bring your visual and aural senses to your writing, to see and hear your film as you write it, developing and exploring your characters through situations of conflict. There will be weekly reading and writing assignments. At the end of the class you will apply your skills to writing an outline and then a screenplay for a short film or the first act of a feature film (25-30 pages). The focus will be on creating original, complex characters while developing a strong story and scene structure.

The course will be held from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Tuesdays in Mount Juliet. Cost is $200. To sign up or for more information, email marcali003@gmail.com.

Bob Giordano’s Bio:

Bob Giordano is a principal of Uproar Pictures, based in Nashville, TN. He is the 2017 Grand Prize Winner of “The Poe Contest” for his script, “The Odds,” and the director of “The Odds” feature. He has been a quarter-finalist, a semi-finalist, a finalist, and/or won several of Hollywood’s most prestigious screenplay contests, including The Southern California Screenplay Competition (“The Odds”), Nicholl Fellowship (Sicko), Fade-In (“Uprise”), The Writer’s Network contest (“Resistance”), the Hollywood Symposium (“Grendel”) and Script Open Door.

Over many years, Bob has worked on numerous short films and independent features as a writer, director, AD, camera operator, and editor. Since coming to Nashville in the1980s, he has continuously taught screenwriting and filmmaking to adults, teens and children, including his ongoing screenwriting courses at Watkins College of Art, Design & Film. He is also a past president and current officer of the Tennessee Screenwriting Association. As a prolific writer of dozens of completed scripts, he often says, “Daylight’s burning.”