Tennessee Screenwriting Association

Welcome to the Tennessee Screenwriting Association!

This is where screenwriters gather to learn and talk about the craft of writing for the big screen, small screens, and stage. At our weekly meetings we offer educational sessions about the nuts-and-bolts of screenwriting, mini workshops, special guest interviews, and more.

First organized in 1988, TSA has been the springboard for many members to achieve success as screenwriters, producers, directors, actors and more.

The TSA was built on the foundation of educating and helping writers. If you are interested in writing a screenplay for TV networks, cable channels, streaming services, or a good old fashioned feature film shown in movie theaters, we hope you’ll join us!

Learning the Craft

The studios don’t buy ideas – they buy well written, properly formatted screenplays. TSA helps members write and refine loglines, develop a premise sheet and outline, create character arcs, write synopsis and treatments, and properly format your story. We do this with mini-workshops at our weekly meetings, and by interviewing successful industry professionals for publication on our website and broadcast from our monthly live audience show, Page 2 Screen.

We also host our annual Script-Com conference in conjunction with the popular Film-Com held every year in Nashville, TN.

TSA has created a YouTube channel for archiving our live
Page 2 Screen shows. We make learning easy, fun and relevant.

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The Business of Screenwriting

You’ve written a script? Once you’ve mastered the premise, character development, plot and proper formatting — the business side of screenwriting kicks in. We’ll offer tips on:

  • obtaining representation,
  • pitching your project,
  • budgeting and
  • finding a producer or network

to get your script made – and you paid!

A Community of Writers

We welcome writers at all levels – from produced professionals to college professors to beginners working on their very first script.

Other entertainment professionals attend our meetings and conferences, too. From directors to entertainment attorneys to literary managers and agents – we are a diverse community that appreciates the networking and relationship building that results from TSA membership.

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Free sample! Enjoy watching an example of our educational sessions with this outtake from a recent Script-Com conference: TSA Past President Jeff Chase and Screenwriter/Director/Producer Bob Giordano.